Student Awards registration

All teams must be registered by a teacher or school staff member. This person will be the contact for all communication relating to the Awards.


      • That any student actor appearing in the video has the required parental permission.
      • That the video is vetted to confirm that it contains nothing illegal or inappropriate.
      • That each team obtains a free creative license for their video (for information on how to do this online please see
      • That each video is the original work created by the students and that the videos have not been entered in any other competitions.
      • That each video has audio and video and is correctly acknowledged with a title, credits, school name and year of production.
      • That it is understood that the videos will be seen by the public and that AMSI may use the videos on their website for promotional purposes.


Once a school has registered, they will receive further information including instructions on how to upload their completed videos to the CHOOSEMATHS Awards portal as well as tips and tricks on making your video.


  • Years 5–7; teams of 3 or 4 students
  • Years 8–9; teams of 3 or 4 students
  • Years 10–12; teams of 3 or 4 students

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